Room prototyping for hoteliers

The room is key. Regardless of whether you want to renovate or construct a hotel – the quality of the room plays a crucial role in its success or otherwise. Play it safe – build a prototype room first! Use our exclusive, anonymous ROOM SERVICE and sit back and develop your perfect room with us. For planning security, cost transparency and simply a great feeling when constructing your hotel.

Our concept – start now!

Think about it: If you are currently considering building or renovating a hotel, it could be a few years until you open. But would you not much prefer to see and, above all, feel a completed room? You can! With our ROOM SERVICE. How? Find out here in our video!

Our concept

What you feel is what you get

“Why a prototype room? Nowadays you can visualize anything with 3-D graphics!” But you can’t touch. Feel. Experience. You can be certain that nothing beats actually entering a room. Not even virtual-reality glasses. We will not only construct a full-size room and furnish it to your specifications – we will also install the complete technology – from communication and sanitary technology to air-conditioning systems. You can experience your hotel room in real time. And you can thus fix bad planning and shortcomings at an early project stage.

Your advantages

  • Manufacture of a fully functional, full-scale room.
  • Other rooms (e.g. reception and corridor)
    also possible.
  • Plenty of time for checking and optimization.
  • Let us inspire you: Visit our partner, the Hotel & Designwerkstatt in Salzburg!
  • Full handover of the prototyping process.
  • Avoid bad planning and thus costly changes
    during the actual construction.
  • Prototype room will be transported as a template
    to the construction site if desired.
  • Optimal guidance and support
    in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Complete anonymity
    (NDA – non-disclosure agreement).


Martin Penner

"With the mock-up room, what was previously
only a vision becomes tangible."
Martin Penner, Lanz Architekten

Julia Mittmann

"In the 1:1 implementation, we bring everyone on board,
from the investor to the housekeeper. The result is a fully thought-out product with a broad basis."
Julia Mittmann, Mittmann Innenarchitektur

Michael Geisel

"I'd rather take a detour to the mock-up room
than to the hotel later."
Michael Geisel, Geisel Privathotels

Jimmy Doll

"Especially with rooms for the "Long Stay" it is important to offer a sophisticated living concept. Thanks to the mock-up room at KASPACES, we were able to realise this."
Jimmy Doll, KW AG

Uschi Wallner

„Furnishing and equipping a hotel is a matter close to our heart. My heart beats all the faster when we are allowed to work in a showroom that can be touched and experienced directly".
Uschi Wallner, isar42

Room prototyping – how it works!

"Why a showroom? Nowadays you can visualize everything in 3D graphics!" But can't touch it. Feel it. Experience it. Be sure: Nothing replaces the actual entering of a room. No virtual reality glasses either. We don't just build you a room on a scale of 1:1 and furnish it according to your wishes - we also install the complete technology: from communication, sanitary and air-conditioning technology. You experience your hotel room in real time. This enables you to eliminate planning errors and defects at an early stage of the project.

Step 1

Familiarization and guidance

Find out more

Step 2

Constructing the room

Find out more

Step 3

Interior fitting and design

Find out more

Step 4


Find out more

Step 5

Installation of in-house equipment

Find out more

Step 6

Testing and experiencing

Find out more


Make an appointment! Visit us in Garching for a free consultation. We will be happy to present our concept as part of a face-to-face meeting.

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